Kampala is  known as one of the safest cities in Africa. It is a place you can move around around without feeling threatened. I have seen some foreigners move out and about even at night. People are always friendly and ready to help just in case you ask for it. Some people refer Kampala as the city of East Africa just because it’s lively and full of life. People love life and they take every day as it comes.

Kampala road, one of the streets in Kampala.
If you are a foreigner expect to be called as you look like; Mzungu for White, Muchina/ for Chinese or Asian looking. And this does not mean anything racist, it is how you are referred to and you will get used to it.  They will call you to greet you or offer a service or simply take a photo of them if you look like a photographer. And if for example a “boda boda man” bike rider tries to offer you a service and you are not interested, he will not persist by pestering you.It is kind of annoying when someone forces a service upon you that you do not want.
This seller on the right asked if he could be in the photo.
Kampala is one of the busiest cities in Africa, it has about a population of 1.9million people or so. People are out and about doing their work and then there is the traffic with cars and vehicles everywhere It can get exhausting to go through this busy city and all the noise around but it’s an experience one should not miss and the seeming chaos actually has a charm and attractiveness to it since you will not find it anywhere else.
There are rules and laws of the city.  But not all are followed and that applies to the traffic rules. Drivers are stubborn, traffic lights are not followed and some are not functioning, so you the pedestrian you have got to figure it somehow, on how to cross. Fortunately, of late the Police is doing a good job curbing drunk driving in the city.
You will go a day within this city without having any of your belongings or money stolen, just hang on tight to your bag and that will solve the problem.
Busy down town town Kampala.

The old taxi park.
There are varieties of restaurants and cafes to eat from while in the city. If you do not want to eat local cuisine, you can eat Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Thai and so many other cuisines. The coffee is great for the coffee lovers as you all know we have lots of it in Uganda, even though most Ugandans drink Tea which we call Chai.
One of the coffee shops in the city, you can also do shopping if you wish so.
The social life is very good here, there are a variety of bars and clubs, entertaining theaters where you can watch some comedies and plays, salsa dancing classes, Poetry and book clubs, Cinemas etc.
Enjoying the view of Kampala.
 In this city,  you will never be alone.

Welcome to Kampala – the one City  in Africa that never sleeps.

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