Owino market is the biggest market in Uganda. Everything you need to buy is in there ranging from clothes, food, shoes, fruits, bags etc. I like buying things from there because it is quite cheap but I hate the hustle. There is a big crowd in there and at least everyone will want you to buy from them. By the time you are out, you are exhausted and just want to go home right away. But it is an experience you would not want to miss though.

How ever I was suprised when I first went there on Sunday during the walk tours. There is some breathing space in there, the sellers and buyers are quite few and things are cheaper. It is because that is when they open the new stock for the coming week, so you will get the prices quite down.

One of the “walkers” in Owino market.
People busy looking for clothes to buy.

I like the bargaining part when I am at the market, some times they might want to give higher prices to the “mzungus” whites I am walking with because of their color. Some people here when they see white skin they will automatically think that person has got money. That is when I come in, to bargain for a better price. And if you are a foreigner but you try to speak the local language when buying something, it will do the trick. The seller will know you have been in the country for sometime and hence giving you a reasonable price.

Asking about the various types of the groundnut paste

Avocados are sold cheaply if you are a fan of guacamole, here is the place for you.

However much this place gets busy,I enjoy doing my shopping here and the reaction of the people I walk with when they get here is always interesting. If you come to Uganda, you should check this market out but hold your bag or purse close to you. And make you sure you stay in my sight because I do not want to lose you in that big crowd. I my self used to get lost in there back in the day before I got used to it all.

Hens in cages for sale and sometimes slaughtered there if you want them to.

One last trick if you want to buy from here, at least know how to count money in the local language, that will be a smooth sail for you :). I can help with that too. I don’t want you to be cheated.