I have come across people wondering how I do this. I am talking about the walking. They wonder how I walk from the city to the Buganda palace. My answer is always ” I love walking, Its healthy and I can manage to do it.” Well, I think most people in my country are lazy, we are used to boarding taxis or using “boda bodas” bikes. Most of my friends are like that, they would rather get a taxi from Kampala road to Jinja road than walking. One time a man told me “I can’t believe you are girl and you are doing kind of work like a man does, its good of you.” I smiled and told him walking is not that hard as people make it seem to be.
There are many advantages in walking if only we took time.

If we took off time to walk everyday, these are the advantages.

 Most of the people walked on the tours are older and it is impressive that they are still energetic to do that. I have heard that abroad people walk and do a lot of cycling, hence keeping the bones strong and active. Well,, who doesn’t want stronger bones and joints?

Lets ditch the taxis and “boda bodas” (Bikes) some times and walk.

I know the roads in Kampala are challenging to have a walk, but if you have been around for a while, you get used to how things work. I have often forced my friends to walk with me but it comes with whining, that it is my job and that is why I am not bothered. But I always win. And I enjoy walking with clients because a group walk is less tiring and more fun. Could not ask for more exercising.

Walkers are happy people.

Everybody who enjoys walking, why not join me? You will no regret it. Happy walking.

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  1. Hi Lucky!
    I have gone through your blog for hours. You have an excellent writing skill and very interesting content but I could not find the prices for the 4-hour and 6-hour tours.
    Can you please mention or send me an email?

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