I was thinking to my self that I should have written this blog in November, because its a month of grasshoppers. The Baganda, one of the tribes in Uganda named the month of November as “Musenene” meaning grasshopper because that’s the time when they fly in. 
It is one of the most awaited months of the year because people rip big from selling these grasshoppers and they get a lot of money. And we always want to eat them too.  I my self can never have enough grasshoppers once I start eating them, there is something special about them that keeps you wanting to have more. Good for me because it means I tend to get more protein in the month of November.
A lady in the market starting preparation of the grasshoppers.
Some people who have never eaten grasshoppers at first thought always think that we eat them row. But that’s not the case. Once they are hunted, you have to pluck off its wings, its long jumping and walking legs and the antennas. Wash the the remaining of the grasshoppers, put a pan of fire and pour them in. If they start turning brown, put some little oil because they have fat themselves and onions, you can as well put some tomatoes if you want. Put some salt to taste. If they are completely brown, they are ready to be eaten. 
Sometimes grasshoppers are mixed in the ground nut sauce and eaten with food. Very tasty! 
Buying grasshoppers from a street vendor.

During my walks, I always want everyone to try out these grasshoppers because I would not want anyone to miss such a taste. The facial expression they give is like “no where in this world I would eat a grasshopper!”. But I don’t give up easily in convincing people to try. I always tell them to at least close their eyes and try one grasshopper. And if that is done, they are surprised by the taste. They always ask for more. Or sometimes they are like, “they are actually not bad!” It is always good to know I did not try for nothing.

Before trying out the grasshopper with closed eyes.
After giving it a try, there is a smile and he is having one more.
 So I say to you all, don’t let this chance pass you of having more protein and trying something new. We still got lots of grasshoppers in December. Eat them!

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