Fortportal is a district in western Uganda located 261 km from Kampala. It’s easily accessible by private or public transit. I first visited in 2015 during Easter weekend with friends and fell deeply in love with it. So will you!

Stunning view of a crater.
Tea Plantations along the road

We caught a bus thinking the journey would take us 4 hours but it took about 5 hours. It was a long bus journey but the scenery makes up for it. There is so much green and cleaner air away from the capital. The forests and tea plantation s along the way look spectacular.
We got to the town quite late but had a taxi organised for to take us to our hostel.
In the morning everything was very clear with the majestic peak of Rwenzori mountain greeting us. The forests were emerald green with a crater lake right in front of our rooms. We had a wonderful walking tour where we learned of beautiful gardens and plants. We ended up at the Mahoma Falls for a shower. Everything was picture worthy.

On a walking tour with our guide Noah

Beautiful trees on our walking path.
Mountain Rwenzori view.

Shower at Mahoma falls

Our guide Noah hired motorbikes for us and rode in the far parts of the district. Driving through Kibale National Park was quite a sight as a number of monkeys said hello along the way. We ended up at an area known locally as “Top of the world,” a spectacular 360° view of Mother Nature. We were tired but euphoric.

Rented bikes
Top of the world,

Half Way to Heaven.

There is a lot of monkey business here in Fort Portal (seriously). There is a good chance you’ll see a chimpanzees amongst the green during the tracking in Kibale Forest. You can also visit the Kitagata hot springs which are said to have healing powers. The short hike there is also great considering the views of the surrounding nature.

Queen Elizabeth National Park is a short distance and it’s an idea for a day safari from Fortportal and ideal for those on a budget.

I have been going to Fortportal every year since I first set foot here. I have taken friends and clients here.

My favourite place to stay is the Ayapapa Open House, an eco friendly accommodation located in Lyantonde village just before Papaya Lodge. I was introduced to this place by friends who stayed here and fell in love with it. This place is a beautifully designed open house and has cabins overlooking Crater Lake. The owner has planted trees and flowers all over the area. There is resting place overlooking the lake, not to mention a big kitchen. It is a self-catering accommodation and you can easily chill in the hammocks while you read a book. On a hot day, you can easily hop into the lake for a swim and cool off. If you love nature and prefer peace and quiet, this is your place. Jaishu the owner will help you with anything.

Breakfast overlooking the lake surrounded by roses.

One of the lounging areas.

The Kitchen.
My favorite spot.

Experience Fortportal! It would be my pleasure to help you arrange your trip.

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