The town of Pai located in northern Thailand was the last destination in this country. My plan was to go to Chiang Rai but I was told along the way that Pai was the real deal. This is why I never make solid plans as you never know how things will change along the way. 

The public mini van from Chiang Mai to Pai took about 3 hours. Some travel by motorbikes but be sure to know how to ride; the route has many sharp turns and can be quite disconcerting if you’re not a seasoned rider. The scenery of the mountains with lush green emerald was an amazing sight!

The view of Pai.

I soon learned 
Pai is a laid-back town that’s ideal for walking with crisp, clean air. My 
favourite part was the night market in the walking street. It’s such a colourful slice of Thai life with ample cafes, bars, shopping and food. The good thing about northern Thailand is that it’s cheaper than the south.

The walking street.

Shops on the walking street.

Got a toe ring made from a coin.

My favourite garlic bread stall.
The next day I had planned with my friend to go sightseeing around Pai. Pai is best explored on a motorbike. We started our day by going to visit the temple on the hill (Wat Phra Tat Mae Yen) which has a big Buddha that’s quite impressive. Once you climb to the temple’s peak there’s a beautiful view of Pai which is stunning. If you get the chance, go during sunset.

Excited to start exploring.


Our next destination was the Pai Land Split. It’s so cool, literally a crack in the ground caused by an earthquake back in 2008. The land belongs to a farmer and the tear is 2 meters wide and 11 meters deep. You can actually walk through the split for about 15 minutes. After the experience you can enjoy ice cold drinks from a wild fruit that the farmer grows.

Entrance to the land split.

The split in the earth.

Sunny day the Land Split.
We went on ahead to the Pabok waterfall. Bring your swim trunks as you can go for a swim or just chill on the rocks since it’s very cool here. The water was quite cold for me. We took a few photos and later headed to the Memorial Bridge. 
The Memorial Bridge was built during the world war by the Japanese and it is made of steel and wood. At the moment it is only used as walking bridge but it’s a picturesque spot for photos and to have a good view of the river. 

Pabok Waterfall.

The memorial bridge.

We got on our bike again off to the 
Pai Canyon. The Canyon is said to be most beautiful during the sunset. We got there a bit early and waited for the sun to make its descent. It’s less hot during that time so it was a nice respite from the heat.

Beautiful sunset at the Pai Canyon.

Pai Canyon

Exploring the canyon

Pai has some parties and events going on every month. While there I heard about a “jungle party” at an unknown location. We were driven to a forest-like place by the organisers, quite fun but very cold in the night. Pai is way colder because of its location in the mountains.   

There are more things you can check out that I did not get chance to see because of time constraints, like The Pai Hot Springand some ominous caves which are 35km away from the town.

 Make sure Pai is on your list when exploring Thailand. It is beautiful, peaceful and serene.

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