Kampala (Big Tour)

The Big Tour takes six hours and offers an in-depth introduction to everything you would want to know about Kampala and Uganda’s history, culture and traditions.

We visit all of the sites of the short tour as well as a taxi park (a symbol of Africa’s energy if there ever was one) and the Buganda palace which contains Idi Amin’s torture chambers. You also have a chance to taste one of Uganda’s signature snacks like a rolex or pancake.

While the tour is six hours, we do take breaks along the way to allow for resting and browsing of the various attractions. If you want to get a truly deep feeling and understanding for Kampala and its people, the Long tour is the way to go.

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Kampala (Small Tour)

The short tour is perfect for those who either limited in time or would prefer not to walk for several hours yet still want to get a good feel for the city.

This tour takes you to some of the major sights of Kampala such as local monuments, temples, craft markets, and mosques and allows you to experience the energy of the place while also enjoying some snacks from local food vendors if you like.

The tour is only three hours but in this short time, you will not only see the landmarks of Kampala but also get a good overview of the history and culture of Uganda as a country as well as its people. You can be assured that Kampala Walking Tours avoid the normal tourist traps while showing you hidden gems of the city difficult to find by a normal sightseer.

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Food Tour

The tour for foodies and amateurs alike. Experience the richness of Ugandan cuisine and its locally grown products.
We know that travelers are sometimes skeptical of consuming local food because of fear of sickness or sanitation. All of the restaurants and vendors visited conform to the highest of health standards, and are continuously verified by Kampala Walking Tours to ensure this is the case. Also, if you have any food allergies, please inform us before the tour, so we can advise you which foods to avoid.