Uganda is famous for many things from its Silverback Gorillas to the breathtaking source of the Nile River.

But did you know that it also has a reputation for being the best nightlife in all of East Africa?

If you’re looking to party like a local, learn some new dance moves, and try some of the many varieties of Ugandan beer, we’ve got you covered. Kampala Walking Tours now offers a Kampala pub crawl expertly guided by Ugandans with a thumb on the true pulse of the Pearl of Africa’s best nocturnal hotspots. Our guides accompany you from 9:30pm to 3am, showing you the most vibrant places and best kept secrets of the capital city’s nightlife. We cater to any group size of 4 and above, so let us know when you want to party! 

Night Local Football Matches

If you are are football fanatic or you are simply looking to experience the Ugandan way of enjoying footie, then look no further. We shall  look out football games happening in the evening hours and we shall take you with us. Enjoy the game while you join in on the chanting with the locals.

We also offer trips  to the cultural center where you are entertained with some East African, dances, drumming and short stories. 

Plays, contemporary dancing and Poetry do happen at the national theatre depending on the day of the week.