Kabale is my favorite place in Uganda. I love to go here every year when the city gets too overwhelming. It is called the Switzerland of Uganda because of the many beautiful hills in the region. I first discovered it in 2010 and have returned ever since. Its located in South Western Uganda 400 Kilometers away, and it neighbors Rwanda and Congo.

View of Lake Bunyonyi.

Back in 2014 when I first visited the equator, you wont miss seeing it on your way to Kabale.

Going by bus takes 8 hours but sometimes you have to be careful what bus you choose, the first time I went where the bus took almost 10 hours because it stopped frequently to pick up passengers. Lately there are good buses that you can use like the Post Office Bus which is very reliable, Bismarkan coaches and a few others. The town is quite small and there is not much to do but the magic starts when you get out.

A terraced hill in Kabale

Black and white Colobus monkeys on the way to Bwindi.

The first thing that catches your eyes are the hills. Their slopes are spectacular and the views are like a painting.There is one amazing activity done 51 kilometers away from the town to Bwindi impenetrable forest and that is Gorilla tracking. When I did my tracking, the drive from the town to Ruhija in Bwindi took us two hours. We stayed at one budget camp called Ruhija Community Rest Camp. The view of the thick forest was so amazing and we saw some monkeys and multi-colored birds frolicking. 

The beautiful Bwindi impenetrable Forest
Up-close with the mountain gorilla.

The best part after tracking the mountain gorillas gorillas, is chilling by Lake Bunyonyi. “Bunyonyi” means birds, so if you love feathered friends, you will be amazed by so many species.This is the most beautiful and freshest lake for you to enjoy Don’t worry about any parasites because there isn’t any,so jump right in! You will be awed by the many islands on this lake and views once you do some short hikes. I recommend you rent a canoe and explore. Check out the Punishment island. The story is unfortunately heartbreaking but the story must be be told. Women pregnant before marriage were sent here and left to die.Some were rescued by single men unable to afford dowry but looking for a bride. Today Punishment island no longer serves as a punishment island but a sobering reminder of past injustices. 

Take some village walks and hikes of which you will get amazing views once on top. Don’t forget to try the delicious cray fish from the lake.

The view of the many islands on Lake Bunyonyi

More Views of the lake.

Visit a Batwa community.  This is a community if pygmies who are the most voiceless and marginalized group of people in Uganda. They used to live in Echuya forest but were resettled away from there by the government. You can learn a lot about their culture and feel free to buy from their handcrafts or make some donations if you wish so.

On the canoe with clients to explore some islands.

The Batwa community.

Kabale is always a rewarding experience. Surrounded by clean air, hills and a lake you feel as one with nature. With so many birds singing songs of welcome, how could you not be transformed?

Experience this diamond in the hills. You won’t regret it. 

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