Jinja City

Jinja is a town nearby Kampala that is perfect for both the adventurer and naturalist. We offer day tours to Jinja, which cover the following activities:

Sezibwa Waterfall

According to a traditional legend Sezibwa and his brother Bwanda were given birth to by a woman. Sezibwa flowed west facing many obstacles hence its name while Bwanda flowed East. Many people come here to worship the spirits and they believe the site has supernatural powers where miracles can happen. The falls are 7 meters high, the trees are high hence creating a beautiful forest scenery. You can do a little bit of rock climbing on top of the falls while you enjoy the views in the area.

Mabira forest

Mabira is the second biggest forest in Uganda, and we take a walk through it, offering the opportunity to see a dizzying array of different species of birds, butterflies, monkeys and trees.

Boat ride to the source of the Nile River

Finding the source of the world’s longest river was one of the great prizes for early British explorers, and in this one hour boat ride, we take you to the river’s origin, which eluded the early travelers for so many decades. The trip also offers a great chance for birders to spot some of the region’s most distinctive winged creatures.

Finally, for the adventurer interested in a dose of adrenaline, we can also arrange some high octane activities like Whitewater rafting on the Nile River, ziplining in the Mabira forest, and Bungee jumping from one of the Nile’s bridges.