Well I just realised that most of the tours in Uganda are used by road transport or water and nothing was used by our legs. And if you have a walk around an area you have never been before, you get to witness more and experience more with the locals. I have been doing this for five weeks and I love it actually. I have learnt more about the people I walk with and how things are done in their countries and I am always pleased to teach them about my city and country at large. History is told of how things were done back in the day up to where we are now. I also like jokers, I have walked with some funny people and the laughter shared always make the walks less tiring.

This is Uganda’s independence monument. It was unveiled on October 5th 1962, four days before the independence day.

The good thing about the walks is that you are exercising and sightseeing. The more hills encountered on the way will surely make you feel like you are exercising, which is alright I guess. You know Kampala is a city of seven hills, so it is hard not to find any during the walks. It is best you are well prepared with your walking shoes.

The statue of “Kabaka” King Edward Muteesa 1, the first President of Uganda.

There are two types of tours. The six hour tour and the four hour tour. You choose what suits you.
The areal view of the Old taxi park.

Beautiful display of fabric in a shop.

The girls negotiating prices with the seller.
To access the mosques and the Palace, you will have to part with 10,000 shillings each, which is about 4$.

Taking some time off.

Entrance to the Gadaffi Mosque.
Do not be fooled, these are not Arabs but rather European girls, at the entrance you are dressed like this people touring the mosque.  The attire is available for the females.
I do not like to dictate the walks, so if you do not want to do any of the above tell me what you want to do around the city and it will be done. For example you might want to check out all the worship houses around the city,food tour, you might want to do a pub crawl at night and I will be your mate and so on.

The Kabaka’s lake with a small Island.

At the Kabaka’s palace.
The walks are either done early in the morning or in the afternoon. The meeting point is at the post office since it is easy to find and very accessible. But how ever if you have difficulties in finding it, you can be contacted on your cell and something is done about it.

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