Here are some of the interesting things you should know about Uganda. I have learnt quite a bit during my tours and I thought I should jot some things on my blog. You do not have to take it personal. Live a little and laugh more.

  • In Uganda all the manicure and pedicure is performed by male counterparts and they are so good at it! 

  • Only in Uganda do they eat a Rolex and a Commando.

  • In Uganda people will lift there brows up if they are meaning to say “yes” without saying a word.

  • We say sorry even if it is not our fault.

  • Some Ugandans are somewhat inaudible. Have you been to a shop or pharmacy and the person behind the counter doesn’t feel like talking you but you keep asking them to repeat themselves? Me neither. 

  • Some are really slow walkers. Have you walked behind some people on Kampala road or some street? Its like people are on holiday. The walking pace is Zombie like.

  • We have over 50 languages spoken in Uganda. We are pretty ethnic.

  •  Uganda is the country with the youngest population in the world.

  • Uganda has got about 6 banana species/types. Yes, you heard me right.

  • I don’t know if its the same in other countries, but in Uganda you are punished in school for not speaking English. We learn the hard way, no wonder most Ugandans speak English hence making it easy for foreigners. 

  • We have the most boda bodas (Motorbikes) on this continent. Use that helmet often when you use one.

  • Uganda has manufactured bark cloth for centuries hence this being mentioned on the UNESCO intangible cultural heritage list.

  • There is more of a “bromance” in Uganda. This is where you find male friends holding hands together or shoulders without being sexually involved. This is very common, don’t be surprised when you see this.

  • Uganda is one of the biggest coffee growing country in the world, but here people prefer to drink “chai” tea to coffee.

  • Uganda’s capital Kampala, is one of the busiest and safest city in Africa. 

  • Kampala, Uganda’s capital is among the top 10 cheap cities to live in as a foreigner in Africa.

 To be continued. If there is anything that you want to be added on here, inbox me and I will do it.