Are you a foodie? Do you seek out any new culinary adventures where your tastes buds come alive? Well this post is for you! WARNING: Do not read this on an empty stomach.

It’s been suggested by many clients that I do a food tour. “Zulaika,” they say, “Kampala is such a unique place. The sights are good, the people are friendly, but what about food? I want something yummy for my tummy. What do you suggest?” After about a year of planning, I’ve cooked up a plan.

How did I do it? Well, I’ve conducted meticulous research, consulted market trends and organized focus groups before determining that…okay who am I kidding? I ate. Yes I ate. I admit it. I sampled and I snacked, ‘cause this girl loves to eat. You see, dear reader, I myself am a foodie. If it’s unique and safe to digest, I’ll give it a try. And this past year I’ve opened my mouth to many a delectable treat.

Did you know Uganda’s biggest export is coffee? Look at these smiles after a cup of Java!

Of course we Ugandans are known for not being shy when it comes to satisfy our appetites. How does grasshoppers fried with onion sound? What about white ants? Not appealing? Don’t worry. My tours are not like an episode of “Survivor”. If you don’t have an appetite for it, neither do it. However many are curious to try something unique to our country. To that I say, put down that energy bar and crunch a grasshopper. It is 100% protein!

Now if you have a weak stomach, that’s ok. I will try not to laugh as I pity you with sad eyes. Grasshoppers are really healthy and good to eat. Still don’t want any? Then more for me!
However these delicacies of insects appear seasonally, not through out the year.

White ants! Yes, she ate them and liked them!

Mother nature is good to Uganda. She has blessed us with so many yummy fruits. How does a sun kissed mango sound right about now? Good, huh? Let me show you how we prepare it with a knife. I am sure you don’t know how peel it our way. Voila! You are also allowed to do it by yourself.

Mango Mania!

UK’s got bangers and mash, Thailand has got Pad Thai and Uganda has got a Rolex. No, not that expensive Swiss watch; I am talking about our fast food delight or street snack. It is a rolled chapatti filled with eggs, onions, tomatoes, green pepper and cabbage. Now we are talking, right?

Uganda’s legendary Rolex.

Capturing the making of a mouth watering “Kabalagala”-Ugandan pancake.

You also have to try a ‘Kabalaga” a Ugandan pancake! It is a mouthful, just saying! No one has tried it and didn’t like it. I know, I am on a ROLL with this post.

Enjoying a local lunch.

Good snacks, happy faces!

So bring an appetite when you walk with me.It will be my pleasure to take your taste buds on an adventure. There is more to sample, don’t worry about skipping some items. And of course let me know about any food allergies beforehand. I’ll make sure this journey is safe. Your tummy will thank you! Now let’s eat! BON APPETIT MY FRIEND!

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