Top 6 things to do in Uganda when on budget.

Uganda is known as one of Africa’s affordable destinations. However, when it comes to some activities which involve national parks where you have to pay some hefty fees, it becomes a challenge for backpackers and budget travelers. Fear not though, that doesn’t mean it’s the end of it all. There is a lot you can […]

10 Do’s and Don’ts in Kampala

Kampala is known as one of the busiest city in Africa and well as among the cheapest. The city is less populated with tourists  but it can be an interesting one to discover. DON’T: Carry dollars printed Pre 2009…. Yes, I know it sounds ridiculous but no one will accept them. Make sure the dollar notes […]

Kabale- The Switzerland of Uganda.

Kabale is my favorite place in Uganda. I love to go here every year when the city gets too overwhelming. It is called the Switzerland of Uganda because of the many beautiful hills in the region. I first discovered it in 2010 and have returned ever since. Its located in South Western Uganda 400 Kilometers […]

The crater district of Uganda.

Fortportal is a district in western Uganda located 261 km from Kampala. It’s easily accessible by private or public transit. I first visited in 2015 during Easter weekend with friends and fell deeply in love with it. So will you! Stunning view of a crater. Tea Plantations along the road We caught a bus thinking […]

Fun Facts about Uganda

Here are some of the interesting things you should know about Uganda. I have learnt quite a bit during my tours and I thought I should jot some things on my blog. You do not have to take it personal. Live a little and laugh more. In Uganda all the manicure and pedicure is performed […]

Don’t stop traveling.

It’s been said that you discover yourself when you travel. I agree. You are in a foreign place, discovering new food, people, and culture. It’s inevitable that you yourself will change, and your thinking will evolve. We all face hardships, and I’ve certainly encountered many who have lost jobs, loved ones, and hope. Stress and […]

Why you should visit Kampala.

Kampala is  known as one of the safest cities in Africa. It is a place you can move around around without feeling threatened. I have seen some foreigners move out and about even at night. People are always friendly and ready to help just in case you ask for it. Some people refer Kampala as […]

The dog walking experience.

When a client contacted me and asked about the walking tour, I was happy to give him all the details he wanted. But then there was one thing, he said he wanted to come with his dog. I asked my self; “How are going to do this?”.I started thinking of all the routes that we […]

The sweetness in walking.

I have come across people wondering how I do this. I am talking about the walking. They wonder how I walk from the city to the Buganda palace. My answer is always ” I love walking, Its healthy and I can manage to do it.” Well, I think most people in my country are lazy, […]