Last weekend I was bored at home and then decided to go check out some art galleries. Something I had not done in a year and , I tell you it was worth it. It was breath taking to see all the new stock  I had not seen. If I wash rich I would buy all the cool art pieces I saw in there. We have got quite a good number of galleries in the city and good talent for those who do the cool art pieces. I was not allowed to take pictures in the galleries, except for one art gallery. So you will forgive me I wont have any pictures to share about what I saw. But it is worth to check out these galleries.

At one of the art galleries.
If you enjoy art, I will be providing “Art tours” if you want to check out and do some shopping at some of the galleries. You can also order for something to be done if you want it so, rather than buying something already made. 

Displayed art pieces.

I am not gonna write much about this but if you would want souvenir art pieces from Uganda or just some good art work to hang in your house. Just let me know. I my self got something small and I am not about to stop yet. Even when you are not buying anything, it gives such a good feeling to look at these beautiful art pieces. I guess that’s what art is about.

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