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Experience the Adventure of Ugandan Tourism

We offer 3 tours at the moment:

  • Small Tour: Approximately 3 hours in length, covering all major urban sights;

  • Big Tour: Approx. 6 hours in length, covering urban and suburban sights;

  • Jinja City Tour: Approx. 9 hours in length, covering urban and natural sights

Tours availability:

Monday - Sunday: 9am to 5pm

(last tour finishes at 8pm)

Usual Meeting Point:

Tours start at Main Post Office

Plot 35, Kampala Road, Kampala

Kampala, Uganda Map

Kampala (Big Tour)

The Big Tour takes six hours and and offers an in depth introduction to everything you would want to know about Kampala and Uganda’s history, culture and traditions.

We visit all of the sites of the short tour as well as a taxi park (a symbol of Africa’s energy if there ever was one), and the Buganda palace which contains Idi Amin’s torture chambers.You also have a chance to taste one of Uganda’s signature snacks like a rolex or pancake.

While the tour is six hours, we do take breaks along the way to allow for resting and browsing of the various attractions. If you want to get a truly deep feeling and understanding for Kampala and its people, the Long tour is the way to go.

Kampala (Big) Price UG Schilling Per Person Savings
Per Adult (Age 16+) Please Contact Us For Prices
Per Child* (Age 6 to 15) 50% off 50%
Per Child* (Age 1 to 5) free 100%
Group of 5+ people** Adult price reduced by
5,000 UGX
Students*** (Valid ID) Adult price reduced by
5,000 UGX
17% / 34%
Entrance Gadaffi Mosque
(Short & Long Tour)
10,000 UGX
Entrance Bugandan Palace & torture chambers (Long Tour) 10,000 UGX

Kampala (Small Tour)

The short tour is perfect for those who either limited in time or would prefer not to walk for several hours yet still want to get a good feel for the city.

This tour takes you to some of the major sights of Kampala such as local monuments, temples, craft markets, and mosques and allows you to experience the energy of the place while also enjoying some snacks from local food vendors if you like.

The tour is only three hours but in this short time you will not only see the landmarks of Kampala but also get a good overview of the history and culture of Uganda as a country as well as its people. You can be assured that Kampala Walking Tours avoid the normal tourist traps while showing you hidden gems of the city difficult to find by a normal sightseer.

Jinja City

Jinja is a town nearby Kampala that is perfect for both the adventurer and naturalist. We offer day tours to Jinja, which cover the following activities:

  • Sezibwa Waterfall

    According to a traditional legend Sezibwa and his brother Bwanda were given birth to by a woman. Sezibwa flowed west facing many obstacles hence its name while Bwanda flowed East. Many people come here to worship the spirits and they believe the site has supernatural powers where miracles can happen. The falls are 7 meters high, the trees are high hence creating a beautiful forest scenery. You can do a little bit of rock climbing on top of the falls while you enjoy the views in the area.

  • Mabira forest
  • Mabira is the second biggest forest in Uganda, and we take a walk through it, offering the opportunity to see a dizzying array of different species of birds, butterflies, monkeys and trees.

  • Boat ride to the source of the Nile River
  • Finding the source of the world’s longest river was one of the great prizes for early British explorers, and in this one hour boat ride, we take you to the river’s origin, which eluded the early travelers for so many decades. The trip also offers a great chance for birders to spot some of the region’s most distinctive winged creatures.

Finally, for the adventurer interested in a dose of adrenaline, we can also arrange some high octane activities like Whitewater rafting on the Nile River, ziplining in the Mabira forest, and Bungee jumping from one of the Nile’s bridges.

Food Tour

The tour for foodies and amateurs alike. Experience the richness of Ugandan cuisine and its locally grown products.

*We know that travelers are sometimes skeptical of consuming local food because of fear of sickness or sanitation. All of the restaurants and vendors visited conform to the highest of health standards, and are continuously verified by Kampala Walking Tours to assure this is the case. Also, if you have any food allergies, please inform us before the tour, so we can advise you which foods to avoid.

Nostalgic Tour

In recent years, we have started serving a growing number of guests who previously lived in Kampala and are now returning after many years. They wish to see former homes, buildings, parks, bars, and clubs to bring back memories of an earlier time.

In response to such requests, we have begun including this as one of our standard offerings. If you provide us with the general details about former houses, buildings, parks, etc., most times we will know where they are or were located, or in the rare occasions, we do not, we have contacts who do.

Let us know ahead of time what you would like to see, and we will do the necessary research to make sure we hit all of the requested spots. There are few things we love more than helping guests relive past joys and taking photos to document it!

Shopping Tours

Kampala is home to several vibrant marketplaces/bazaars, selling everything under the sun.On this tour, we visit:

    • African Exposure

      At this market, you can find handcrafted items of every type and size from bags and bowlsto paintings and masks. The area is also well known for its distinctive jewelry offerings.

    • East African Market

      Similar to African Exposure, this bazaar showcases the works from artisans from not just Uganda but all over East Africa including Kenya, Tanzania, and Congo. To get a great cross section of the eastern section of the continent, this is the place to go.

    • Nakivubo Place

      At Kampala’s famed fabric market, you can find quality threads from all across Africa including the world-renowned kitenge and various styles that run the gamut from tie-dye to traditional African patterns. For the non-seamstresses, there are also handsewn clothes stitched from the various fabrics ready for the wearing!

    We know that guests are often worried about being price gouged as a result of being from out of town, so throughout the tour, our guide helps you navigate the bustling markets and ensures you get the normal, local price for your purchases (if haggling isn’t your thing, we will do it for you!)

    While the shopping tour takes a general course through the major Kampala markets, it can be customized for your unique interests. Just mention what you want, and we will take you there. We have a local expert tailor with over 20 years of experience who can alter any clothing purchased to your specifications. And for those truly desiring a unique Ugandan heirloom, the same tailor can take your measurements and sew a custom-made outfit, ready for pickup in only a few days! Simply come with a design drawn on paper, a snapshot or you can also just explain to her exactly what you want. So if you’re looking to pick up some authentic locally made items at a fair price while experiencing the energy that is an African marketplace, our shopping tour is at your service!

Ugandan Safaris

Uganda is blessed with a well-developed national park system, perfect for safaris for adventurers and casual-travelers alike. The most common destinations are:

  • Murchison Falls

    Home to the world’s most powerful waterfall, Murchison Falls National Park exhibits the Nile River being squeezed between an opening in the rocks only 7 metres (23 ft.) wide to then fall 43 meters before continuing on to Lake Albert. Early adventurers found this place so tantalizing that no less than Ernest Hemingway visited (and crashed a plane in the process!). In addition to the falls, the park also offers a wide variety of wildlife, perfect for a game drive on your way to the waterfall outlook.

  • Queen Elizabeth

    Uganda’s most-visited national park, upon arriving, it is no question why. Offering everything from chimpanzees, leopards, crocodiles, and the famous tree climbing lions with their flowing black manes, QE’s wildlife-viewing never disappoints. The park also contains several extinct volcanoes with their associated craters and majestic crater lakes as well as Lake George and Lake Edward, making boat tours a necessity for any trip. If you’re a lover of nature, you will fall in love with Queen Elizabeth.

There is a wide array of safari packages available to the destinations mentioned above that will suit everyone’s time window and budget. These range from short, two-day trips to comprehensive several-day safaris and overnights. For details, please contact us, and we will be happy to advise you on the various offerings that will best match your needs.